Expansion at Smiths includes a new Dugard machine tool

The directors and team at Smiths are looking forward to receiving their new Dugard machine tool in December, which will be a great asset to the business, and further enhance large machining activities for clients including leading aerospace organisation Bombardier.

It’s a year since new investors Agathos came on-board Smith’s (Harlow) Limited, and this is just one of the many exciting initiatives underway.



Checking progress in Taiwan

The Dugard Machine

The vast and ingenious Dugard machine, measuring 4685mm x 6143mm x 4600mm, boasts a multi-purpose fixture which can take parts up to 2.6m in diameter.

In July this year, our representatives flew out to Taiwan to see work in progress on the machine first-hand, and gave its construction the thumbs-up.

Smiths has an impressive plant list to deliver complex component machining. Our engineers have adopted the latest technology utilising 3, 4 and 5 axis machining techniques to produce components from exotic materials to demanding tolerances. We have a policy of progressive improvements and extensive investment has been made in CNC Machining Centres, Vertical Borers and Lathes

High quality, complex components have been delivered to the aerospace industry by Smith’s for over four decades, and our knowledge in this sector is unparalleled.


Smiths Aviation engineeringThe multi-purpose fixture shown here can take parts up to 2.6 M Diameter.

Full preparation has now been made in anticipation of the top-spec Dugard machine’s imminent arrival. The area where the machine will be sited has been cleared, fixtures for the parts have already been designed and programmes for the new machined parts have also been prepared.

We will therefore be in a great position to start 2017 in a really dynamic way, solving complex component challenges for the marine, medical, oil and gas and aerospace sectors.

For more information about our capability please contact colinflack@smiths-harlow.co.uk