GOOD NEWS – Dugard Machine Arrival.

The DUGARD 5 axis machine has arrived at Smiths now, it is fully commissioned, ready for production machining operations January 2017.

The first component was machined successfully Mid-February 2017.

This is a massive investment for the company, which shows how positive our work position is now, within the aerospace sector.

The fully installed machine now operational

The machining area

With the large tooling fixture in place, it holds parts up-to 2.5 metres Diameter for milling drilling operations in 5 axis operations.

The machine will initially be used for machining circular components for Bombardier on the following set of engines.

  • SJ Rings on the Trent 900 engine – family of parts.
  • 745 Rings on the RB211 engine – family of parts


Finished parts completed
from the Dugard Machine.

Ready waiting on safe handling trolleys for movement to next operation.


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